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smartstrand the world's toughest carpet

At Carpet Mill Outlet we are proud to sell Mohawk Flooring and the world's toughest carpet.

Smartstrand forever clean stain resistant carpet

Forever Clean


SmartStrand Forever Clean is the only fiber protected by Nanoloc spill and soil sheild. SmartStrand repels dirt, dander, spills, and stains before they reach the fiber, making it extraordinarily easy to clean.

Forever Stain-Free


SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet fiber is engineered without dye sites, so stains won't chemically bond to the carpet. Permanent protection is built into the fiber to prevent stains and ensure the carpet is easy to clean.

Forever Pure


SmartStrand Forever Clean is an amazing improvement to traditional carpet. Liquid spills carry impurities which can lead to musty, dingy odors. With SmartStrand Forever Clean the impurities have no where to hide, so the clean up is easy and the fiber stays pure.

Forever Durable


SmartStrand Forever Clean is the only carpet fiber with durability in it's DNA. The unique spring-like shape of the fiber molecules means SmartStrand carpet resist crushing and matting, maintaining it's beauty and softness for years to come.

Mohawk Smartstrand colormax

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